Program Curriculum

Tuck Next Step is intensive and transformational. 

At the heart of the Next Step experience is robust academic content that allows participants to build the strong base in business acumen needed to understand the complexities of today’s business world. Online and on our beautiful campus, you’ll be challenged by faculty and your peers—individuals singularly devoted to excellence, whether in service to their country or on the field of play. You'll be taught by a faculty of 13 professors who are experts in a broad range of topics and who teach in the MBA program at Tuck, rated one of the best business schools in the country.

During 85 hours of instruction time, you'll be immersed in business leadership and professional development activities, building new competencies with every new experience. By the end of the program, you will have widened your aperture to the multitude of career options available to you and prepared yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue whatever comes next.

Next Step Program Progression

Digital Phase

Next Step is taught over the course of 10 weeks, starting with a digital learning phase. This phase consists of more than 15 hours of video-based class sessions on major concepts like financial accounting and innovation strategy. Synchronous live sessions on practical topics like time management and transition strategies augment the self-paced classes and kick starts interaction among the cohort before arriving on campus. The workload during the digital phase is approximately four hours per week. Introducing participants to concepts that underlie the rest of the curriculum allows them to maximize their time in the classroom during the residential phase.

Residential Phase

After two months of careful study and preparation, participants arrive on campus ready to engage with each other and with faculty in a deep and meaningful way. The 10-day residential phase of Next Step is immersive and intensive. Classes generally run from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., with a break for lunch, and many evenings feature a guest speaker, time for one-on-one coaching with Tuck MBA students, or other program activities. During free time, participants may head to the Dartmouth gym for a group workout, gather at Murphy’s to discuss the day’s classes, or spend quiet time reflecting. The schedule is quite full, by design. You will end each day knowing you've made progress toward your goals and excited to learn more.

To see what your days on campus may look like, please review our sample residential schedule

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