Participant Fee & Deposit

The full price of a comparable Tuck Executive Education program is approximately $24,000. For Next Step, this price is underwritten by donors and Tuck in order to keep the program accessible.  

Participants are asked to pay a fee based on their AGI (adjusted gross income) which covers the balance of tuition, materials, accommodations, and most meals: 

  • Group 1 (participant AGI of $70,000 or more, or those with available G.I. Bill benefits): $5,000 
  • Group 2 (participant AGI below $70,000): $2,500 

$1,000 is due as a deposit at the time of enrollment and the balance is due four weeks before the program begins.   

The Next Step participant fee includes tuition, materials, most meals, and accommodations on the Dartmouth College campus.  

Some need-based financial aid may be available. Priority is given to Group 2 participants who do not qualify for other sources of aid, such as government benefits or a scholarship program from a sponsoring organization, and is based on order of application. Financial aid requests will be reviewed after admissions decisions are made. Generally, the maximum grant amount is $500. 

Cancellations & Deferral

Tuck Executive Education understands that situations may arise that prevent participants from taking part in Next Step as planned. Requests for deferral based on unexpected circumstances will be considered, but are not guaranteed. If a deferral is granted, the participant will have the opportunity to defer to the next program. Each participant may defer one time, subject to approval by Tuck Executive Education. 

Waiting for the possibility of a residential experience will not be considered an acceptable cause for deferral. Candidates who are serious about attending Next Step in 2021 are strongly encouraged to apply for the spring program.

Cancellation and deferral requests must be received in writing. Please submit your request via e-mail to tuck.next.step@tuck.dartmouth.edu

Due to the costs incurred for program preparation and administration, deposits will not be refunded for cancellations or requests for deferrals received within 14 days of the start of the online learning phase.For deferrals requested 15 or more days before the online learning phase starts, the participant’s deposit will be retained and applied towards the future program’s tuition.

G.I. Bill & Scholarships

The Next Step participant fee is G.I. Bill eligible and utilizes one month of benefits. Admitted candidates who intend to use their benefits must initiate the process through the VA and then work with Tuck’s administrator to submit a claim prior to the start of the program. Information about this will be shared during the Next Step enrollment process.  

Participants receiving a scholarship from an external organization or individual should notify Next Step staff so that the outside party can be billed directly.  

Tuck will waive the deposit requirement for participants using G.I. Bill benefits or receiving a scholarship. However, cancellations or deferrals requested within 14 days of the program’s start date will be assessed a penalty equal to the deposit amount.


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