Is Tuck Next Step a virtual experience?

Next Step is a hybrid program with two virtual modules that bookend a week-long, on-campus module. The program blends the convenience and accessibility of live online learning with the deep immersion and personal connection of being on campus at Tuck. You can learn more about the hybrid experience on our Program Curriculum page.

What is the time requirement for the virtual modules?

Each of the program's two virtual modules are four or five days long. Participants can expect approximately four hours of live class sessions each day. This daily work complements an additional six hours of self-paced coursework, two or three extracurricular and social events, and one or two study group meetings.

What is the cost of the program? What does the fee include?

The full price of a two-week Tuck Executive Education program is approximately $24,000. For Next Step, this price is underwritten by donors and Tuck in order to keep the program accessible. Participants are asked to pay a fee based on their AGI (adjusted gross income) which covers the balance of tuition and materials, accommodations, and most meals.  

  • Group 1 (participant AGI of $70,000 or more): $5,000 
  • Group 2 (participant AGI below $70,000): $2,500 

Payment of the fee is expected upon admission to the program. For applicants who receive a scholarship from an outside organization or plan to utilize G.I. Bill® benefits, Tuck will waive this requirement and coordinate the payment process directly. Admitted candidates should be prepared to provide a VA certificate of eligibility or confirmation of their scholarship at the time of enrollment in order to secure their place in the program.  

For more details about the Next Step fee, payment options, and related policies, please visit our policies page.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

How is Next Step funded?

Next Step is made possible through the generosity of Tuck and Dartmouth alumni and other private donors. It is only with their support that the program can be offered at a price point that is affordable for our target audience and we are incredibly grateful for their patronage. For this reason it is especially important that applicants demonstrate their readiness for a career in business and that they are committed to maximizing their experience at Tuck.

Can G.I. Bill® benefits be used for Next Step?

Yes, Next Step is an approved program for post-9/11 G.I. Bill® benefits. An individual’s eligibility for benefits is determined by the Veteran’s Benefits Administration.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Is financial aid available?

Yes, some need-based financial aid is available. Priority is given to participants who do not qualify for other sources of aid, such as a scholarship program from a sponsoring organization, and is based on order of application. 

Who can apply to Next Step?

Veterans or elite athletes with at least three years of experience in the military or athletics who are recently separated/retired or are close to doing so.

How does Next Step define “elite athlete”?

In order to be considered for Next Step, athletes should have at least three years of training and competitive experience at the senior national team or professional level. For example, athletes who have competed in or trained for the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Pan American Games, Parapan American Games, or World Championships in their respective sport, or played in a professional league at any level.

What if I’m not a military veteran or elite athlete?

The content and themes of Next Step are created specifically for this target audience. We encourage any other interested parties to consider Tuck’s portfolio of Executive Education programs, which can be found here.

Are international applicants considered?


What is on the application?

The application consists of five short-answer questions, your resume, and one letter of recommendation. The letter can be from anyone who knows you in a professional context; it does not necessarily need to be from a boss or your commanding officer.  

What will make my application stand out?

The goal of Next Step is to accelerate and support your transition from military or athletics into the business world. The successful applicant should be able to articulate how they will use this opportunity to drive their transition. We would like to hear how you plan to use the tools you gain in Next Step in the immediate future.

Is there an educational requirement?

No, applicants do not need to have achieved a specific level of education to be considered. The program curriculum is designed for participants with no educational background in business, finance, economics, accounting, etc.

Are applicants with an MBA degree considered?

Generally, applicants who already have an MBA degree or are currently enrolled in an MBA program are not considered. The Next Step curriculum is entirely repeated in an MBA program and we want to ensure that spots in Next Step are offered to applicants who will find the experience transformational.  

Can I apply now and defer to the next program?

Requests for deferral based on unexpected circumstances will be considered, but are not guaranteed. If a deferral is granted, the participant will have the opportunity to defer to the next program. Please visit our policies page for more details.