This is your time. Take the next step in your career.

Our intensive, two-week program is designed to equip you with the same skills and know-how that hiring managers at top firms are seeking in successful candidates. With the Next Step toolkit under your belt, you will feel ready to tackle your next move. And our alumni are already experiencing success.

Next Step stats
U.S. Olympian, sailing; operations lead, Lyft
“Transformative doesn't even begin to describe my experience at Next Step. The day I got home from the program, I had a meeting with a contact at my dream company and I was able to immediately implement my newly acquired knowledge and pivot into my new role.”
Sarah Lihan TNS'18

U.S. Olympian, sailing; operations lead, Lyft

“Next Step helped build my business skills, bolster a network among peers I would have never met without Tuck, and exposed me to new ways of thinking and problem solving that I had not yet experienced through my military career.”
Chad Chorzelewski TNS'17

Executive Officer, U.S. Marine Corps; military recruitment program manager, Chewy

U.S. Marine Corps, Special Operations Team Commander
“This program gave me the exact exposure to business functions terminology, and practices that I nee in order to laterally transfer my skills. It's the sum of all the parts together that made it clear to me that I'm not entering an entirely new world, I'm just using different words and different tools.”
Zach Woodcox TNS'18

U.S. Marine Corps, Special Operations Team Commander

U.S. Marine Corps veteran; founder, MacDonald's Fresh
“I did not think I had an interest in a particular field until I listened to the Career Day panelists. I discovered that my skill sets and those that I acquired during the program work across many seemingly disparate fields.”
Daniel MacDonald TNS '18

U.S. Marine Corps veteran; founder, MacDonald's Fresh

“Next Step helped me become more confident regarding my career and gave me perspective. The best way for me to thank the staff of Next Step is to take what I've learned and run with it; to be brave and bold in bettering society.”
Jamie Chapman TNS '17

U.S. rowing team; project manager,

“Next Step has been invaluable in giving me the necessary skills to lead my nonprofit to success. Prior to Tuck, my nonprofit lacked organization and a clear strategy for achieving our goals. Thanks to Tuck, and the skills I learned there (such as how to make a budget, create a business plan, and think strategically), Objective Zero has experienced an over 100% increase in fundraising…and I have implemented a number of strategies I learned at Tuck to improve the efficiency and reach of our organization. ”
Blake Bassett TNS'17

Production Officer, U.S. Army Reserves; co-founder and executive director, Objective Zero Foundation

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