Career Day

The career resources you need to successfully transition into a career in business.

During the program, you will participate in a number of workshops with Tuck Career Services on topics like resume writing, networking skills, and interview preparation designed to empower you as you prepare for your job search. Current Tuck MBA students will also be available to help you with these topics during one-on-one coaching sessions. The culmination of this practical work is Next Step's career day event—an entire day dedicated to panel discussions on industries and job functions, networking with professionals from a variety of companies, and meeting with recruiters from top employers. Career day is your opportunity to test the waters with your new knowledge and skills and lay the foundation for a plan to continue your forward momentum once you leave campus.

But the career support you'll receive on campus is just the start—when you leave Hanover, you'll have access to, and be a part of, one of the most powerful alumni networks in the world.

Sample Career Day Panels

Career day panel discussions kickstart your job search process by exposing you to companies and job functions in today's business world. Professionals from a variety of industries are featured:

Finance, Banking, Real Estate

Michael Burbank D'13, Wells Fargo
Chris Choi, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Ed Glassmeyer T'68, Oak Investment Partners
Caitlin Leverenz Smith TNS'17, Visa
John Tyree T'95, Morgan Stanley

Entrepreneurship, Startups

Morgan Hanlon, PhilMor
Jack O'Toole T'14, FreshAir
Mike Steadman, Ironbound USA
Dan Sullivan, PowerAdvocate
Kyle Teamey D'98, In-Q-Tel

Health Care, Biotech

Kelly Albert AMP'17, Medtronic 
Sarah Apgar T'11, Groups 
Janessa Gray, Global Rescue 
Jimmy Sopko, Athos 
Rob Spignesi, Rapid Micro Bio  


Mark Bjorgen AMP'17, BAE Systems
Chad Chorzelewski TNS'17,
Jake Cornelius, Palantir Technologies
Pete Mamone, Google
Susannah Stokes, Facebook
Maggie Ward TNS'17, Amazon


Steve Janco T'16, McKinsey & Company
Paul Movizzo TNS'17, Creare
John Reed T'79, Quinn Reed Associates
Mike Scarpa, KPMG